5 Myths About Birth Control Withdrawal Method – Busted!

What is the Withdrawal Method?
Withdrawal method or the “pulling-out” method is a form of birth control. It prevents pregnancy by keeping the semen away from the vagina. However, withdrawal works best if used along with another method of birth control, like a condom.
As the name “pulling-out” method suggests, it refers to pulling the penis out of the vagina before ejaculation takes place. Semen entering the vagina causes pregnancy and when the penis is pulled out on time, pregnancy can be prevented. However, it is very risky.
It is also very important to note that the birth control withdrawal method can only prevent pregnancies and not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). In fact, STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia can be transmitted via pre-ejaculation. So, the best way to prevent STDs is to use condoms.

The misconceptions
When it comes to the withdrawal or “pulling-out” method, there are a lot of misconceptions that surround it. These myths that are associated with the usage of the withdrawal method as a birth control method need to be debunked:
Myth 1: Pregnancy can be surely prevented with this method Reality: Withdrawal method is ejaculating the outside the vagina before it occurs in order to prevent pregnancy. It can be an effective method of preventing pregnancy, but it is very important to understand that it is not a 100 percent accurate every time.
In fact, 4 out of 100 women get pregnant in a year even if their partners use the withdrawal method correctly.Apart from that, those who fail to pull out on time or in other words, have not mastered this practice lead to 27 out of 100 women getting pregnant in a year. It should also be noted that even if an individual pulls out in time, the pre-ejaculation can pick up the left behind sperm in the urethra from previous ejaculations and cause unwanted pregnancy.

Myth 2: The withdrawal method is easy Reality: The withdrawal method might sound easy but can be very challenging and result in failure of successful execution.The withdrawal method takes good practice and communication between the partners in order to work perfectly. It is much better to use an alternative and reliable form of birth control so that the risks of an unwanted pregnancy are decreased.

Myth 3: Your partner can always be trusted to pull-out in time Reality: Self-control, trust and experience are the three elements that need to be present in order to carry this method out. Sometimes, even when all the three elements have been present, it might fail. However, the pulling out is not at all the right method to be used by inexperienced men or teenagers. Men using this method should be very aware of themselves and know when they are exactly about to ejaculate.

Myth 4: It is used only be irresponsible people Reality: This is not at all true as most people at some point of their lives have tried or rely on the withdrawal method as a birth control method. It is recommended to use the withdrawal method along with another birth control method like the usage of condoms. This also guards you against STDs.

Myth 5: STDs can be kept at bay by using this method Reality: This is far off from the reality. In fact, STDs can be carried through pre-ejaculation and poses you at a higher risk of contracting them. Using condoms are the best way to prevent STDs.

Myth 6: It is an ineffective method of birth control Reality: It is not about the withdrawal method being an ineffective method of birth control and in fact, most couples have tried this as a birth control method. The problem is actually in the very high risks associated with this method.
Although, when executed correctly it has a 96% effectivity. It is just not an easy way of birth control. Not just that, a small amount of pre-ejaculate semen is released before the actual ejaculation. This makes the method very risky too.