ESKAG pharma


We have our owned finished pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. We also have strategic relationships with a small number of contract manufacturing sites.

To safeguard the health of our patients, we ensure that all suppliers and our owned manufacturing facilities adhere to stringent standards and regulatory requirements. To ensure quality control, Eskag uses Quality Technical Agreements, legal documents that set out comprehensive quality and compliance expectations for both Eskag operations and our suppliers. Eskag also performs key material supplier audits on a global basis to confirm compliance with our own quality standards, regulatory requirements and industry standards. In addition, we operate a number of safety measures to maintain our supply steady and consistent, including dual sourcing for key products and materials, collaboration with suppliers to predict risk and frequent monitoring of suppliers to confirm production and delivery of our products.

Eskag efforts to deliver a safe and secure medicines pipeline go beyond compliance. We embrace suppliers as partners, working closely with them to improve their performance. We share best practices, provide resources during supplier quality reviews and support investments and upgrades that help them comply with industry standards and local environmental laws.

The manufacturing unit of our company facilitates in our production and supply. Location wise, our company is well placed and thus enables us to cut down huge cost especially in transportation.