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Girl’s wellness projects

As part of women Health programs, the largest of its East India region, the study involves more than 1,000 general practitioners and consulting physicians across the country. Patients are surveyed at the first point of contact—at the general practitioner or consultant physician’s level, and important parameters of women disease management such as health, food habits and lifestyle are evaluated.

Salient features are:

  • Engages approximately 5,000 patients across multiple cities & towns making it the largest study in Eastern region in India
  • The study indicates that patients need to be treated holistically, giving notice to assessing risk factors and original diseases
  • Assesses prevalence of obesity, pregnancy, contraceptives, cardiovascular disease (IHD/MI/Stroke), Dyslipidaemia and Microalbuminuria and other variables in the context of Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Assess other parameter in disease management such as food habits, lifestyle (smoking and alcohol history), family history, demographics, etc.
  • Regular camps in rural towns to educate girls for their safety and other preventative methods available in above mentioned areas
  • Acting as one point of consultant to all women common problems