Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Contraceptive Pills

What are Emergency Contraceptive Pills and How Does it work?

  There are moments of Passions which leads to situations that pushes women to resort to Emergency Contraceptive Pill. There could be a time when a women is not on regular means of Contraception or the condom failed the couple. Now what do women do in such emergencies; they resort to Emergency Contraceptive Pills which are also popularly known as Morning after Pills. Contraceptive Pills are of two Kinds i) Regular contraceptive pills taken at a certain hour each day of the month to avoid pregnancy. i) Emergency Contraceptive Pills which are taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual Intercourse. Emergency Contraceptive Pills Work by delaying the release of the egg or ovulation. It is however to be noted that Emergency Contraceptive pills are only for Birth control and not for Abortion. It does not work if the woman is already pregnant. The timing is of key importance, as with emergency pills, the sooner the better.

Things to be kept in mind when using them:

  There are a few things that need to be kept in mind when taking an emergency contraceptive or morning after pill:
  1. It is necessary to be taken within 24 hours and before it crosses 72 hours or else it will render the pill useless.
  2. Emergency Contraceptives have a 95% success rate when taken on time.
  3. It does not take on the task of safeguarding you from sexually transmitted diseases. It can only prevent pregnancy.
  4. The rate of teenage pregnancies is growing and it is not advised for developing reproductive systems so teenagers should try to avoid this as much as possible.

Side Effects

  Many women fear of Infertility after taking Emergency Contraceptive Pills which is not the case. However, women should avoid regular intake of Emergency Pills. There are a few side effects which a woman may experience after taking the Emergency Contraceptive Pill:
  1. A nauseous feeling
  2. Breast tenderness
  3. Lower-abdominal aches
  4. Irregular menstruation
  5. Vomiting
  6. Delays in menstruation
But, these side effects differ from one person to another person. However, these side effects go away in matter of two days. Being Safe is Better than Being Sorry. Choose your method of Contraception well.