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Our India Scenario

We are in top 5 in Eastern Probiotics Market- IMS Health ranks Eskag Pharma 4th in Probiotics market in East Kolkata. According to the latest data released by market research agency IMS Health, Eskag Pharma ranked 4th in the list of 77 companies operating in Eastern India with 7.3% share in the Lactobacillus-based Probiotic formulations.

The Probiotic market in the Eastern India is one of the fast growing segments, which has clocked a growth of 20% in the year 2012 as compared to the market size in the year 2011.

On all-India level, with Biogut and Folcovit brands, Eskag Pharma’s position stands at 13th ranking in a list of 136 pharma majors in this market with the market share of 1.89% as per IMS Health data.

Eskag Pharma is the first company in India to have developed a completely homogenous suspension of Sucralfate. The most common observation about Sucralfate suspensions has been that on standing for extended periods, the suspension tends to settle down showing separate layers of the liquid and the solid mass accumulating at the bottom of the bottle.

We are pioneer in Sucralfate market and for the first time in India have introduced Sucralfate with Pantoprazole available in sachet. Our brand of oral contraceptive pill, Suvida, caters to the needs of over 6 Lakh women in India, which is a low dose hormonal pill containing ethinyloestradiol and Levonorgestrel with economical price.
Our popular digestive enzyme brand, Encarmin, just completed its Silver Jubilee with 25 successful years in the Indian market. Sufrate suspension is our most-popular formulation for acid peptic disorders and peptic ulcer-related diseases.

  • 5 Brands ranked No. 1 (in IMS ORG MAT 2010 data) and a total of 29 brands in top 10.
  • Eskag Pharma has a radiating network of 1500 authorized stockiest ensuring liquidation of every single prescription.
  • Brand leader in Gastro segment & Antibiotic segments.
  • Expanded from 10 people to 500 plus people with in short span of time.