How Contraceptive Pills Have Changed The World

A lot of significant inventions had come up in the 20th century like the internet and television but only a few inventions had the same extent of impact on the society as the usage of contraceptive pills. Contraceptive pills are not just hormones that can prevent unwanted pregnancy, they are a conceptual leap more than anything else. We were bound by biology and suddenly we weren’t! Contraceptive pills have had an astounding effect on the contemporary societies. They have provided women with the freedom to make their own fertility choices as well as aid them in proper family planning. This little tablet has brought about a revolution in the way women lead their lives. It completely changed the role of women in the different societies as well as the number of opportunities. The pills have brought about social equality and encouraged women empowerment to a very good extent. The number of women pursuing higher education now has greatly increased and women are finally able to delay or evade pregnancy to focus on their careers and has helped them surpass their grandmothers and mothers in the field of education and careers. Before contraception, American women were greatly outnumbered by men in college. Women were practically invisible in Congress before contraception. The House of representatives had 20 women and Margaret Chase Smith was the one female senator. All this was right before contraception when it officially became legal in the U.S. There are 76 women in the house today. Apart from this:
  • Contraception is feared by men who physically abuse their partners. A study conducted by the National Domestic Violence Hotline on more than 3000 women who were abused, concluded that one in four women faced that her partner has been prohibiting or hiding the use of birth control pills in their abusive relationship.
  • It lifted the compulsion for women to get married in case of an unwanted pregnancy
  • The high rate of usage of contraceptive pills lead to new career opportunities and fertility options, securing the well-being of women in the different relationships.
  • Highest poverty rates have been recorded in countries with the highest fertility rates. Contraception has been able to lower that in developing countries.
  • Statistically, before contraception, it was more likely for American women to die in childbirth than today.
  Contraceptive pills have not only stopped unwanted pregnancies, but also changed lives for the best. It has been a blessing in disguise to the women of today so that they can create a better tomorrow. What was once frowned upon worldwide has now caused a major revolution. Apart from this, contraception has played a very important role in controlling population as if every unwanted pregnancy found its way into this world of already existing population explosion.