I am With Durga


While the rest of India is celebrating Navratri, Bengal celebrates Durga Puja. Durga Puja signifies the triumph of good over evil. Durga is the divine mother protecting humanity from evil. It is observed while as society we bow down in front a female goddess, we fail to recognize the women’s worth in our day to day life.

Eskag’s #iamwithdurga is a campaign to provoke people to think about their real life Durga. A woman plays so many roles throughout her life and sacrifices so much for everyone. Not that the man doesn’t, but the man gets recognition and the woman doesn’t.
Each day we come across some or the other news of female infanticide, Sexual Harassment at work place and domestic violence. Statistics say that 27 percent of women have faced physical violence since the age of 15 and 2000 girls every day never get the opportunity to be born. As a society we have to come out of the hypocrisy of worshipping a woman form of deity but not recognizing the real worth of the woman at home.
A mother, sister, wife, daughter, college, friend or girlfriend, they are all Durgas in flesh and bones. Eskag wants to emphasize on recognizing the worth of these women.

  1. • We want people to think who is the real life Durga in your life?
  2. • Who is the lady who showed courage, strength and will to go out of the way and stand by you?

We all have that woman; we just fail to recognize it since we take them for granted.
So take a selfie with the Lady you consider the Durga of your Life.

If a female deity, considered to be a savior and protector is worshipped across these five days, why have women been oppressed through all these years?