ESKAG pharma

Infrastructure & facilities

Policy for Quality Assurance
Our quality policy is a result of integration of world class guidelines, adherence to global laws and regulations in pharma industry and our commitment to compliance. Besides, the core strength of our quality policy is that it is designed looking from the customer’s point of view, which means we assess our quality parameters very critically.

Our quality system is designed, documented, implemented and controlled in such a way that there is no room for error. This is evident from the fact that we have had no instance of recall of any of our products from the market.

Our quest for high quality is being complemented by various departments like R&D, Materials, Production, Engineering, Stores, Medical, Marketing, EDP, Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Our quality policy is mandated and supported by executive management and though is coordinated by Quality Assurance, it is responsibility of everyone. It is monitored by a team responsible for Validation, GMP documentation, Self–audits, Training and Market complaints.