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NGO & CSR partners management

In the last decade of its existence, Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital has executed various Government and self-initiated projects like …….. Scheme for the physically challenged community, Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWACRA), ICDS (Integrated Child Development scheme), Safe Drinking Water- RO plants, MMR (Screening of Rural Community for Tuberculosis), Leprosy Eradication Project, Polio etc. to count few.

The Hospital persists to hold regular medical camps to treat the needy and regular patients as well.
In the area of women empowerment, Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital has been running nursing attendant courses for tribal girls. After successfully completing the training, the Hospital helps them to get employment. This initiative has empowered tribal girls and made them economically self-reliant.

In addition to the above, Eskag Pharmaceuticals also supports a number of NGOs like

Old age health camps

Going a step beyond financial contribution, Eskag support employees to connect and cooperate directly with the less fortunate. This gives them an occasion to get a personal view of the communities and the environment in which they live and work. Employees feel a deeper intellect of fulfillment, while the communities understand their efforts to help them live an improved life. Diverse corporate social initiatives have been identified by our employees who want to give back to society and contribute in their own way.

Some of the activities employees have chosen are:

  • Visits to old-age homes
  • Outings and learning sessions with differently-abled children.

While our employees contributing to the community in numerous ways, we will continue to identify valuable causes and help organizations engaged in excellent community work across India.