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Product Detail

Brand Name: Pyrilong
Category: Women Care
Form: Controlled release tablet
Pack Size: 1 strip of 10 tablets
Composition: Each control released tablet contains: Pyridoxine HCl 100 mg
Indication: 1. Premenstrual syndrome 2. Pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting 3. Suppression of lactation 4. Anti- TB drugs induced neuropathy 5. Premenstrual acne flare 6. Eczema 7. Dermatitis 8. Psoriasis
Dosage: 1. Premenstrual syndrome (One tablet a day, seven days before, till three days after the onset of menstruation) 2. Pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting (100 mg once daily) 3. Suppression of lactation (100-200 mg thrice daily for 7 days) 4. Anti- TB drugs induced neuropathy - Prophylaxis – up to 100 mg once daily - Therapeutic – up to 200 mg once daily 5. Skin diseases • Premenstrual acne flare (worsening of acne or pimples every month, coinciding with the menstrual cycle) • Eczema ( inflammation of the skin, characterized by redness, itching and encrusted lesions) • Dermatitis (inflammation of the skin, either due to direct contact with an irritant substance, or to an allergic reaction) • Psoriasis (an autoimmune disease characterized by reddish scaly rashes on skin) - Upto 100 mg once daily