Sexual intercourse is a form of love which is subject to many risks and problems. It is a human need and when unplanned leads to serious problems like unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and many more.   The responsibility of a third member in a family is a big thing and until both the partners are ready for it, they should not risk their lives.   This is where contraceptive methods play a huge role. Although there are many contraceptive methods, birth control pills play a huge role in the contraception process.   Oral contraception pills can be beneficial for family planning but you should know the following before choosing any medicine.    
  1. How should a birth control pill be used?
    There are different types of oral contraceptive pills which may or may not suit your internal mechanism. You should use the best birth control pill which suits your body type. You should consult your doctor at first before using any pill.   Depending on the pill prescribed, your doctor will explain to you the process of taking the birth control pill. You should follow the schedule strictly and not miss it any day.   In case you forget to take your pill, avoid having unprotected sex until you explain the matter to your doctor.  
  1. Are there any side effects?
There might be some side effects which are most common like nausea, abdominal pain, headache, vomiting and more.   Although there are not many permanent side effects if you face any kind of severe pain, it is advisable to contact your doctor immediately.   Sometimes you may miss your periods which are not abnormal. In this case, your uterine lining becomes thin and you may not bleed.   Once you stop taking the pill everything becomes normal again. But you should consult your doctor if it happens over a long time.   You should take the birth control pill with minimum side effects.  
  1. What should you do if you want to conceive?
  Whenever you start family planning and want to conceive, ditch your pills. Stop taking the birth control pills.   You may not get pregnant for some time as it takes time to get to normal conditions again. But once everything is back in place you can expect a pregnancy.   If you still face any problems consult your gynecologist.  
  1. Are there any other effects?
  Contraceptive pills can do much more than just preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is also associated with several side effects.   It lowers the chances of anemia, ovarian cancer, and endometrial cancer. It may also prevent polycystic ovary syndrome, mild to severe acne, heavy periods, period cramps and more.   Although there might be positive side effects, you should never use it to cure these. Consult your doctor before using anything.   These were some answers that you should know before using any contraceptive pills. You should be aware of the positive and negative effects of a medicine before using it. Eskag Pharmacy’s Suvida regular Birth Control Pill and Suvida 72 the Emergency Birth Control Pill is suited for most women. Ask your Doctor about choosing Suvida as your Birth Control Pill.