ESKAG pharma



As a responsible Corporate Citizen, Eskag Pharma carry out a number of CSR activities in better interest of the community, especially in the area of health, education, women empowerment and child care.
By sponsoring events and voluntary associations, such as ones focused on Women problems research or others working to improve the quality of life of the aged, we assist to build the community we are part of a more moral and generous one.

Projects: We became involved in raising money for cancer cure research, financing projects intended to aid children who come from deprived families, supporting in the setting up of women shelters and much more.


In the demanding scenario, research-based pharmaceutical industry, Eskag is dedicated to production of high-quality medicines reliably. We endeavor to reach world-class performance by working securely, minimizing our natural resource exercise, and reducing our impact on the environment.

Dependable with the Eskag brand and with our company’s value of respect for people, that liability includes creating a culture of responsibility that places a strong importance on employee security. Our employees are our most important asset and we desire our workplace to be injury free.

New damage avoidance programs are already being implemented throughout the company to make sure continued development. In fact, our two wheeler vehicle safety program has been extended time to time to sales and marketing organizations. In adding to emphasizing two wheeler vehicle safeties, we will also focus on ergonomics – areas where injuries most frequently occur at Eskag.

At Eskag, conservation of the health of the earth goes together with protection of the health of its population. Just as we attempt to meet patient needs, we work to be a leader in total environmental performance management.