CKD Fomulations

Alphaketoanalogue Sachet is indicated for:
treatment of uremia as they provide adequate amino acid nutrition while reducing the total nitrogen load.

Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablet is indicated for:
conservative management therapy (CKD stage I, II, III).

Activated Charcoal 250 mg Tablets are indicated for:
Lowering the Uremix Toxins level in blood of CKD Patient, thus controls loss of nephrons and vascular damage.

Calcium Acetate 667 mg Tablets is a Calcium Based Phosphate Binder and indicated for:
The control of hyperphosphatemia in end stage renal failure and does not promote aluminum absorption

Sodium Bi carbonate 500 mg & 1000 mg is indicated for:
1. Metabolic acidosis
2. Severe diarrhoea
3. Urine alkalinization