Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Contraceptive Pills

So, what exactly are Emergency Contraceptive Pills?
Contraceptive pills are one of the most popular birth control methods. They are oral contraceptives which are advised to be taken immediately after having unprotected sex if a couple wants to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are also quite popular, but when a condom breaks or tears during rigorous sexual intercourse, an emergency contraceptive pill is the way to go. After all, emergencies come knocking at your door at the most unwanted times. Although it is very important to understand that there are two kinds of pills, one being for regular usage and the other one being an emergency pill, aka, morning after pill. There are some that can be active up to 72 hours while some which can be active up to 120 hours. The problem is that so many teenagers are using emergency pills or morning after pills in the wrong way and leading a highly sexually active life. These pills are only meant for emergency purposes and not for daily usage. Daily usage of emergency contraceptive pills in india can do some severe damage to the body. It is quite obvious that an overdose of any medicine can have some serious side effects. There is also a confusion of the usage of contraceptive pills as means of abortion. They are absolutely not meant for the time when you are already pregnant. These pills are used so that it does not lead to pregnancy after unprotected sex. Not after doing so. It does not discontinue pregnancy; it only stops it from happening in case you have had unprotected sex. So, first tip, do not have unprotected sex if you want to evade pregnancy.

Things to be kept in mind when using them:
There are a few things that need to be kept in mind when taking an emergency contraceptive or morning after pill:
1. It is necessary to be taken within 24 hours and before it crosses 72 hours or else it will render the pill useless.
2. Each and every pill has a 95% success rate when taken on time.
3. It does not take on the task of safeguarding you from sexually transmitted diseases.
4. It should be administered by women in between the ages of 25 to 45 years.
5. The rate of teenage pregnancies is growing and it is not advised for a developing reproductive system so teenagers should try to avoid this as much as possible.
Side Effects
When using emergency contraceptives, many people have this thing in mind that what can be the possible side effects of using them. This thing comes in the mind of first-timers especially because it is human tendency to fear the unknown. Same goes for the first-timers and these are the possible side effects of using an emergency contraceptive pill:
1. A nauseous feeling
2. Breast tenderness
3. Lower-abdominal aches
4. Irregular menstruation
5. Vomiting
6. Delays in menstruation.
But, these side effects differ from person to person and depend highly on the metabolism of an individual. However, these side effects go away in a matter of two days.Emergency contraceptive pills are quite popular these days and it is very important to know all the in’s and out’s before the usage of any such product and hence, all the details have been provided above.